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Is it me or is it Beijing?

I’ve got something to say..

As the weekend drew to a close and inevitably Monday came out of nowhere (not that I do much on Mondays)  I got to thinking about my recent mood swings. That ‘home sickness’ that I wrote about previously, is a completely new feeling to me. I lived here, there and everywhere and never had a problem. Yet here I am, half way across the world in the land of emperors thinking ‘what the hell am I doing…

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One Month in Beijing: What’s cooking? Part 二 (two)

Beijing Nightlife
Forbidden City Selfie - Beijing, China, London 2 Beijing Blog

Forbidden Selfie

I haven’t gone into hiding. I got awfully and seriously ill. It seems like a silly time to get sick, however temperature variations might be the cause of everyone coughing left, right and centre. Living in Beijing we currently enjoy highs of 23c in the day and the lows of just 5 degrees celsius at night. No wonder my undressed drunken expat self decided it was mid-summer night…

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